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Best Sukhumvit Hotels

We recommend a good value hotel for each area of Sukhumvit. If you want to find a hotel in Sukhumvit quickly then click the button below.

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Quick links for Recommended Hotels by Area

Soi 1 to 5

Bel Aire Bangkok

Soi 7 to 11

Le Fenix Sukhumvit

Soi 24 to 50

President Park

Soi 21 to 29

Jasmine City Hotel

Soi 31 to 51

Bangkok Hotel Lotus

Soi 53 to 57

Salil Hotel Thonglor

Soi 59 to 69

Jasmine Resort Hotel

Soi 2 to 6

Grand Sukhumvit

Soi 8 to 12

Sukhumvit 12 Bangkok Hotel

Soi 14 to 22

Park Plaza Hotel

Soi 13 to 19

S15 Sukhumvit

Sombat Gallery

Soi 1 to 5 is a busy area of Sukhumvit that includes 'Little Arabia'. Good restaurants, galleries, belly dancing and plenty of hotels.

Soi 1 to 5 is one of the most popular areas of Sukhumvit. Between Soi 1 and 3 is 'Little Arabia', an area full of Middle Eastern eateries and cafes. There is plenty of culture in this part of Sukhumvit: there's Sombat Gallery on soi 1 and belly dancing shows at the Grace Hotel. On Soi 5 is the popular Gulliver's Tavern and the excellent Bel Aire Bangkok Hotel.

Q Bar

Here you will find some of Bangkok's most popular nightspots, British pubs, Indian cuisine and tapas.

Soi 7 to 11 is great for those who enjoy nightlife. There is Indian, Italian and Tex-Mex on offer as well as British pubs, sports bars and beer halls. A young mixed crowd of Hi-So Thais and foreigners can be found dancing the night away at Q Bar and Climax Club.

Our recommended hotel in this area is the stylish 3.5 star Le Fenix Sukhumvit


Soi 13 to 19 is a quieter residential area, popular with ex-pats. This is not a nightlife zone, but it does have some good restaurants.

Soi 13 to 19 is a good area for families to stay. Not only is it a quiet area, but also there are several good hotels and serviced apartments on offer including the stylish boutique S15 Sukhumvit.

This area has a number of famous Bangkok restaurants that include Yong Lee, Zeist, Sacha Uno and Le Beaulieu.

Soi Cowboy

Soi 21 to 29 is famous for Soi Cowboy, but recently the area has developed a reputation for offering more than go go bars.

For many soi 21 to 29 is all about Soi Cowboy. It is a redlight district that dates back to the Vietnam War.In nearby soi 21 there are a few stylish places to eat such as Baan Khantika and The Local. On the same street are two nightclubs popular with young trendy Thais - Glow and Narz and Narcissus.

We recommend Jasmine City Hotel in this area.

La Bottega di Luca

This is a spread out area of Sukhumvit that has a little of everything - massage parlors, restaurants, wine bars, pubs, hotels and nightclubs.

Soi 31 to 51 is a large area of Sukhumvit. It is not as popular as other parts of Sukhumvit and so has some great hotel deals. We recommend Bangkok Hotel Lotus.

Although soi 33 is a redlight area it is a street with Londoner Brew Pub and The Office. Nearby are some good restaurants which include Fat Fish Restaurant and La Bottega di Luca.

This is also a great area for shopping with several boutique shops and an art gallery.

Salil Hotel

Soi 53 to 57 is one of the best areas of Sukhumvit. It has restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls and great hotels.

This is an area of Sukhumvit that attracts the urban chic Bangkokers. There is the lifestyle J Avenue shopping mall as well as some cool restaurants, bars and late night spots. There's the popular English pub the Witch's Tavern, the best Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok, Xuan Mai and the happening Muse and Song Saleung.

One of the best places to get a beauty treatment in Sukhumvit is found in this area - Leyana Day Spa and Garden. Salil Hotel Thonglor offers great value for money.


Less tourists stay in this area of Sukhumvit. It is mostly patronized by young Thais at the weekend. However, there are some cool spots to be found in soi 59 to 69.

If other busy sois put you off, then soi 59 to 69 might be what you are looking for. There are plenty of cheap rooms and some great places to hang out. There's the great Korean food to be tried at Youreaguan as well the pies at the Witch Pie Factory. Then after there are some lively pubs and clubs to visit such as Whow Pub, Durty Nellys and Escobar.

During the day there is Baan Chang Thai to visit. It is a culture centre dedicated to preserving traditional Thai arts. For price and quality the best hotel is Jasmine Resort Hotel.

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Here you will find the salacious Nana Entertainment Plaza as well as good hotels and convenient shopping.

The reputation of soi 2 to 6 is somewhat unfairly dominated by the large complex called the Nana Entertainment Plaza which is full of one certain type of entertainment.

However, the area has some good mid-range hotel options such as Darwin Hotel and Omni Tower Residences. We think the best choice is the upmarket Grand Sukhumvit on soi 2.

Also of note is the Ploenchit Shopping Centre on soi 2 which is a good place to buy everyday items.

Cabbages and Condoms

Soi 8 to 12 is a sophisticated area of Sukhumvit with a great park, a good range of dining options and a family friendly atmosphere.

Soi 8 has lots of great restaurants such as India Today (Indian), Kinnaire (Thai), La Banyan (French) and Stable Lodge (Scandinavian). Soi 10 is dominated by hotels but does have a lovely park at the end of the road. Soi 12 is a narrow road that contains the excellent Cabbages and Condoms restaurant. On the corner of soi 12 is Sukhumvit Plaza that contains 'Korea Town' where you can treat yourself to some Korean BBQ.

The best value hotel in the area is Sukhumvit 12 Bangkok Hotel. It is an Agoda 4.5 star hotel with rooms starting at $54 a night.

Ruen Mallika Restaurant

This is one of the most picturesque parts of Sukhumvit with leafy avenues and a large park. Good for families.

Soi 14 to 22 is unexpected for Sukhumvit - it is a peaceful area with leafy avenues and the large Benchasiri Park to stroll around.

There aren't any raucous bars in this area. Instead there are a few upmarket restaurants such as the excellent Ruen Mallika (Thai) and Koi (Japanese / fusion). Cheaper food can be found at Senor Picos (Mexican) and Bei Otto (German).

Soi 20 and Soi 22 have lots of hotels to choose from. Our pick is Park Plaza Hotel on Soi 16.

Lemongrass Restaurant

Soi 24 to 50 is a wide area that holds museums, cheap eating options and plenty of good shops.

There's plenty to do in this area. There is the Museum of Science and Planetarium between Soi 40 and 42 as well as the Museum of Thai Pharmacy on Soi 38. For those who like shopping the Emporium Shopping Centre has designer labels and K-Village has spas, shops, restaurants and fashion stores.

It is also a great area for eating out. You will find good Thai food, Indian, Laotian and Japanese fare in this area.

Our featured hotel in Soi 24 to 50 is President Park Hotel.

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