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V8 Diner

Posted on September 12, 2013 in Restaurants by

Located in a small Plaza on the Sukhumvit Road, between the turnings to soi 12 and soi 14, V8 Diner is a recreation 1950s American Diner. A lot of time, money and effort has been put into this business and it’s the best of its kind in Bangkok.
Inside the V8 Diner it is pure Americana down to the authentic jukebox with 1950s Rock n Roll. Even the staff are in costume. The actual diner itself is small with little seating. However, outside there is a huge seating area. This is a great place to go for a drink or meal. The seats are comfortable. There are big fans to keep you cool. The service is excellent. Best of all you get an awesome view of the busy Sukhumvit Road. This is one of those locations where you can sit all night and soak up the atmosphere of the City without the City intruding on you in return. Pure people watching heaven.
To keep you even more entertained, they have a cover band playing every night. It gets busy with a mixed crowd of locals and tourists; so grab your seat early.

The menu is International and Thai and ranges from breakfast through to full evening dinner with an extensive range of soft drinks, beers, cocktails, wines and spirits. The food is good quality and it comes quickly. We tried the chilli con carne (169 Thai Baht) and it wasn’t bad, if a little blander than we might have liked. The Thai menu is extensive and perhaps the tastier option.
This is our summary of the long menu:

  • Cooked breakfast: 189 THB to 219 THB
  • Salads: 149 THB to 249 THB (Caesar salad 159 THB, Smoked Salmon Salad 249 THB)
  • Tex Mex: 119 THB to 269 THB (Chili Tacos 229 THB)
  • Sandwiches: 169 THB to 199 THB (BLT 199 THB)
  • Hot Dogs: 179 THB to 269 THB
  • Burgers: 209 THB to 299 THB
  • Pizzas: 209 THB to 249 THB
  • Pasta: 179 THB to 199 THB
  • Thai dishes: 85 THB to 259 THB
  • Deserts: 85 THB to 189 THB (ice creams, tiramisu and others)
  • Cocktails: 145 THB


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  1. This looks like a cool spot. Thanks for pointing it out – although I’m sure I’ve seen that spinning hotrod before.

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