Review of JP French Restaurant

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Currently the best rated restaurant in Sukhumvit according to Trip Advisor is JP French Restaurant.

JP French Restaurant is the 4th best ‘place to eat’ in Bangkok. That is no mean feat for a city with nearly 10,000 places to eat researched by Trip Advisor. What are they doing right? Simple they are providing good and authentic food and drink in pleasant surroundings.

The restaurant opened in 2010 .Since then the restaurant has quickly established itself in the restaurant scene of Bangkok. The restaurant is named after Jean-Pierre Thiaville the French proprietor and head chef.

The restaurant serves classic French cuisine. Favourites include cote de boeuf, escargots de Bourgogne and boeuf en croute. The food is attractively dished up and maintains an authentic French taste. This is ironically achieved thanks to the importation of Australian beef. Apparently Thai beef is really not up to the task of making French food.

As to be expected of a French restaurant, there is an impressive wine list to accompany the culinary offerings. Less expected for a restaurant in Bangkok is to offer the rare delicacy of pate foie gras. The price is not unexpected.

Jean-Pierre is involved not only in the kitchen but also front of house. He marshals the restaurant brilliantly and the staff all know their jobs. They are courteous, helpful and provide excellent customer service. It is as much for the service and the ambience of the restaurant as it is for the food that JP French Restaurant has achieved such high acclaim.

It is only to be regretted that the website for the restaurant while visually arresting lacks information beyond how to find the restaurant. Which incidentally is on a side road linking Sukhumvit Soi 23 with Soi Sawatdi. See the map below. The user experience is always enhanced by a more informative site.

J.P French Restaurant has street parking and validated parking. It has free wifi and a delivery service. They also accept all major credit cards. The restaurant classifies itself as ‘child friendly’. Opening is Monday to Saturday from 11.30 to 22.30.

Location and Contact

Address: 59/1 Sukhumvit Road Soi 31,Klongtoey,Wattana | Between Soi 23 and Soi 31(Soi Sawadee), Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 258 4247

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The Mystery of Ladyboys

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If you do free association with the word ‘Thailand’ with a group pf people the word ‘ladyboy’ will quickly appear. It is inevitable, and should be some type of law like Godwin’s Law (see Ladyboys form the butt of many a joke; as in Hangover 2 there has been many a ‘farang’ who has unwittingly had sex with a ‘ladyboy’:

As Stew asks in the movie, ‘How’s that work?’

I won’t repeat what the ladyboy said in the movie, but the question is relevant. Why are there so many ladyboys in Thailand? There remains a lot of uncertainty about this. It seems the humour gets in the way of getting a decent answer to this question.

In the West there is a strong moral consensus that not only recognises the transgender community but also acknowledges they have the same rights as homosexuals and heterosexuals. There is not the same moral consensus in Thailand.

Here is surely part of the answer. Although new generations of Thais, especially urban Thais are challenging prejudice towards people who are not heterosexual, the prevailing belief is that being ‘gay’ is morally bad.

It is hard outside of certain sections of Bangkok to be openly gay. You can be ‘camp’ but not gay.

The way round this problem in Thailand appears to be a strange compromise. If you want to sleep with men then you can simply become a ‘woman’ to do this. Of course women can have sexual relations with men, even it seems transgender women.

For many it is a sham distinction. For Stew and others it is false advertising – you think you are getting a woman, and you get a man in the process of becoming a woman.

From a gay man’s perspective this seems very unfair. Lots of men are happy to be gay but aren’t happy to wear heels and tight skirts. Why should they? Moreover, for straight men for whom crossdressing is enjoyable face another set of practical problems. They presumably can’t go out without being presumed to be gay and on the lookout for straight men to prey upon.

The confusion leads to heterosexual males (especially it seems foreigners) sleeping with other men. It must also convince Thai men who are repressed homosexuals that they are in fact ‘normal’ red-blooded heterosexuals because they sleep with a ‘woman’, albeit a transgender one.

It would be curious to see what would happen with a sea change in attitudes in Thailand. Supposing being gay became tolerated, would we see a massive reduction in the number of ladyboys in Thailand? Or is the tourist industry so invested in the whole ladyboy scene that many gay men would continue to be ladyboys just for the financial rewards?

The subject is very confusing. It is talked about endlessly by Thais as well as non-Thais. However, what are often overlooked in such conversations are the rights of the transgender community in Thailand. They surely want acceptance not a starring role in a freak show.

ladyboy show in Buri Rasa

The photo above is taken during the preparations for the Buri Rasa New Year Eve Party in Koh Phangan. The men are straight and not ladyboys. They are dressing like ladyboys for the entertainment of the luxury hotel’s guests.

Hooters in Sukhumvit

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Hooters in Sukhumvit

While several up market hotels, restaurants and shopping malls have attempted to change the common perception of Sukhumvit being the centre of sleaze in Bangkok over the past few years, there are those who want to renew the Sukhumvit brand in its basic format of girls, beer and nightlife. Those traditionalists will give a little cheer that Hooters has finally opened in Thailand. And where else than in Sukhumvit.

Hooters opened its first branch in September 2015 on soi 15. The bar/restaurant is in the Four Points by Sheraton and immediately opposite the famous Manhattan Hotel. The location is ideal for all three businesses.

Being a big brand they had a big razzmatazz opening party with DJs and freebies and of course plenty of young girls all with two things in common. Most of the girls are Thai but some look to be of mixed heritage. Men might ponder if they could find enough large cup sizes to make the hooters thing work in Bangkok. Well, as we know, every desire is copiously catered for in Bangkok and especially in Sukhumvit. And yes they’ve found a decent selection of hooters.

For those not familiar with the Hooters recipe for success, they serve typical American style bar food – burgers, Philly cheese steak, nachos, BBQ, fish and chips, buffalo shrimp. I don’t think there is one Thai dish on the menu.

You might be able to find Thai beer at the bar, but more popular are mixed drinks, branded spirits and imported lagers.

It is a large open plan space with atrium effect where diners can look down on the action below. There is plenty of tables and plenty of room for dancing. Nearly every wall has a flat screen TV ready for the big sports events. Being Americana, American football, baseball and basketball are shown; but, being Thailand where proper football rules the roost, expect to be able to see English Premier League.

There are plenty of offers and promotions which perhaps only appeal to the gluttonous like all you can eat sliders (small burgers) for 799 Thai Baht per person. They do a 2 course meal deal for lunch at 399 Thai Baht. Strangely enough their Facebook page doesn’t display any drinks deals or Happy Hours. Indeed the Facebook page seems to be more about staff recruitment. You need to be between 19 and 30, have a ‘fit body’ and be prepared to flaunt it for 35,000 Thai Baht a month plus tips. I can’t wait for that inevitable amusing blunder of the management hiring a ladyboy by mistake. Watch this space it will happen.


Hooters is open every day from 10am to 2pm
Telephone: 02 006 6001

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