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Great Bars in Sukhumvit Part 1

Posted on August 19, 2013 in Bars by

Gulliver’s Bar on Soi 5, Sukhumvit Road, is great. Go. It’s got something for everyone. Probably my favourite bar in Bangkok (where the girls keep their clothes on).

Other than Cheap Charlies on Soi 11, this is only bar with good outdoor seating. There is something really nice about sitting outside in the City and watching the world go by. The beer garden is on the street and it attracts a very mixed crowd. Older and very respectable tourists like sitting outside, as do groups of younger backpackers, families and western men with Thai girls. They all sit together, partly segregated in the smoking/non smoking area, in one real life, and largely successful, social experiment. If you get tired of watching the people milling up and down this busy side street, you can have hours of entertainment observing people’s reactions to what is going on: disgust, envy, amazement, confusion all in equal measure.

The service is good at Gulliver’s. Lots of efficient girls in uniform, under the watchful eye of supervisors. As soon as you sit down outside a menu appears. The food’s good too. Lots of western dishes as well as Thai. It comes quickly and is in the mid price range. The English breakfast is very good.

Inside Gulliver’s Bar is a bit more like a traditional Western chain bar. Large semi circular bar with stalls around, chairs and table at the side, large flat screen TVs on the walls showing sport, and pool tables at the back. This is a big bar and it gets busy at night, particularly at the weekend. If fancy a laugh with some friends, drink a few beers, play some pool and flirt with some girls then this is the ideal bar for you. If this isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ stay in the beer garden and no-one will bother you.

There are many bars worth going to in the Sukhumvit area catering to different markets. This is a topic I will explore further in future blogs.

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